Monday, June 23, 2008

still alive

Well well well... yes, that's right- I'm still alive! I've got so much to blog about but no time to do it! So just a quick update. Firstly we had a wonderful couple of weeks with Ank, Bink, Nick and the little tackers Scarlett and Ollie down for a visit. We loved having them here and wish they would hurry up and MOVE down! Collette and Jess came down for Launieville too for a visit. Ooooh, and Minol and I have moved into the house whoohoooo! It's great having our own place although I miss having mum on hand all the time...hehe. Last week I started work. Just doing three mornings a week doing some tutoring which is so easy compared to teaching a whole class! So it's nice relaxing work. And next week Baby Minol has his little lip surgery. So busy busy busy. Anyway, that's just a quick update- more pics and details whenever I get a chance!