Monday, February 27, 2012

Bastian came to play...

It was soooooooooo lovely to have Jess, Kyle and Bastian come for a visit not too long ago.  I enjoyed catching up with Miss Jess who is like a little sister to me after practically living at the Gibson's house in Launie when I went to uni with Collette!  We reminisced about playing SIMS on the computer!  Haha.  Funny days.  So it was Estella and Bastian's second date.  Estella was a bit shy and clingy.  But Minol had a BALL with Kyle playing with all his Batman figures.  I don't think Bastian knew what to make of Estella really as she is a bit of a tomboy- always playing batman with Minol.  Talking about Estella and Minol, they have been playing heaps more together lately.  Estella pinches him less and plays more which is really nice.  Tonight after bath time Estella was running around without her top on and wouldn't let me put in on her.  About an hour later she comes out of the bedroom with Minol and he had put her pj top on her and had even done up the buttons (only a little crookedly).  

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

This is Bec.  She is an absolute champ.  She is my first student here in Melbourne (she had even contacted me before we moved to say that she was looking forward to my classes)!  But not only is she great to train with, she actually volunteered to babysit these two monkeys as she calls them so that I could go to Minol's BJJ class and train for myself on Monday night.  It's a lot different taking a class for other people than training. As I was driving to class (Minol was already there) I realised that it was the first time since being in Melbourne that I had ME time.  Just me, no kids, no husband, just a 20 minute drive in the car by MYSELF, music cranked!  Loved it!  So I am very grateful for this girl Bec who gave up her Monday evening to play with the monkeys so I could feel a little saner. 

Oh, and I got to training last night just in time to see Minol get his GREEN belt in JUDO.

Monday, February 06, 2012


My days are mostly filled with Batman... and sometimes Batgirl.  It has been so good to start Minol back with swimming lessons as I was able to get out of the house and away from playing Batman on the playstation!!  EVERY day Minol wakes up and it's the same thing "can I play Batman today?"  Still waiting to see if he can start Kindy this year too so that will be great for him.  So we're getting settled now.  The kids aren't too crazy anymore.  I'm feeling a little bored not having friends and family close and with Minol working during the day now I don't get a lot of adult conversation!  I just love Estella's poses in these photos.  She is funny.  And still crazy.  She leaves a trail wherever she goes, always getting into things she shouldn't and touching everything.  But she is oh so cute and oh so cheeky.  And I am oh so tired so off to bed.