Friday, February 20, 2009

Just some random pics.  Little man helping me juice.  Well he was actually tasting the fruit.  Little man wanting to get down from the table.  Little man having a ball running around the Maccas playground and Little man standing up!  Ooooh, he's been walking around with help.  It's sooo cute seeing his confidence growing.  I love this little dude so much!!  I love his little hands, I love his big smile, I love his cute giggle, I love his hypo show off moments when he should be going to bed he'd much rather stay up with the big people and play, I love how he throws balls, I love how he likes to carry plastic spoons, forks, or brushes around the house with him, oooooooh isn't there just so much to love!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bathtime Fun

Babies and baths are awesome!  This little munchkin LOVES his bath.  He'll stand next to the bath and patiently let me undress him.  Very cooperatively.  He steps out of his trousers and puts his hands up for me to take his top off.  And then gets all excited when I lift him into the bath.  He splashes and drinks the water, what a fun time for us!  It's just getting out of the bath and into pj's that causes the stress!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I didn't end up posting much about Brazil.  I guess in the end there wasn't much to post.  I left a heap of photos on Minol's computer in Brazil so poo.  Oh well, I'm over it.  I'm loving being home though.  Tassie rocks.  Last week Anker came down and we got together to make some Brazilian pizza.  Chocolate pizza is yum!  I love the pic of baby Minol with Aunty Annie!  How exciting that Mic and Annie Oops get married in less than two weeks!  Anyway, I'm trying to be a more diligent blogger.  It helps having a battery charger for my camera now after losing it during the flight to Brazil.  

making brazilian pizza

Begging for Ice-cream!