Thursday, April 19, 2012


I couldn't find tin buckets anywhere so I settled with some white bags for the kids to decorate to use for their Easter egg hunt.  Minol was so excited that the Easter Bunny had left him and Estella chocolate and was especially excited that there were even more chocolate eggs for him to find.  It just sucked that Estella had been up the night before with a terrible cough and spent Easter Sunday with a high temperature.  She still managed to open all her chocolates and offer most of them to me.  I totally over dosed on chocolate that weekend and am only just recovering.

before and after

 This was Estella before Minol's party... while I was cleaning the house a putting together a bookshelf this girl was rolling around having a grand ol' time making a mess.  Lucky she is so cute and helpful and offered to help wash up AFTER the party.

The Boy, The Birthday, The Party

Minol turned 4 on the 29th of March.  

 Big Minol bought a BBQ so we HAD to have a bbq/birthday party for Minol Batman- we had it on Saturday the 31st.

 I absolutely love these pics of Estella.  She is always the last to leave the food table at parties!!

 Our good friend Edwin...
 Who loves Estella cuddles
I just had to make a Batman comic banner
 Cleaning up after the party...
 Minol was so excited that his cousins could come to his party... especially little Batman Baby Henri!!  CUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!

Sunday, April 08, 2012

To think about Jesus

Today has been crazy day for me.  Estella has been sick and has had some terrible nights which means no sleep for me.  Today she has been clingy and high feverish and plain old sooky.  I did get a chance to watch some Easter messages in between caring for my little munchkin.  What really stood out to me today was the resurrection of the Saviour.  I feel such joy knowing that my Saviour lives, that he suffered, atoned and died for all-but still, he lives!  And especially at this time while I was watching, I thought of all those who have died recently and those of my family members who have passed from this life, and I feel such joy to know that they too will rise from their graves and be resurrected and we can indeed be reunited with them again.  I am so grateful that at this time I can reflect on Christ, how He is a part of my life and blesses my life now, but also that because of Him and through faith in Him all can receive the blessing of Immortality and Eternal Life.