Monday, July 30, 2012

My little fairy

Estella is a bit of a Tom boy. For her 2nd birthday Grandma had bought her a fairy tutu dress-pretty pink one. Would she wear it? NO!! I tried putting it on her for Ekatirina's party but she refused to put it on. So I tried a little pink ballerina skirt. It lasted 5 min before she took it off. So we settled with her denim skirt and a ribbon in her hair. When we arrived the older girls were all dressed up looking very cute and glittery in their fairy outfits and playing games with the guest fairy! To my surprise one of the others offered to put some fairy wings on her and she let her. Then Natasha came out with a pink tutu which Estella obligingly put on. And she was so cute putting on a tiara, bracelet and even had her face painted!! Although she loves babies and putting on my makeup (and heels which I don't even wear!) at home it was very cute seeing her dressed up all girlie/princessie with the other girls.


Monday is swimming day. Minol has been having swimming lessons for over two years now I think!! Currently he is learning to "torpedo". I love his swimming instructor Gabby. She is very patient with Minol. Today he was so excited to show me his strokes that he jumped his turn and dove into the water before another kid! He also had me laughing the day he was using the kick board and swimming on his back but had his eyes closed and when Gabby was helping out another kid Minol did a full turn and ended up heading back up the pool still with his eyes closed! He looked very relaxed!! Its great seeing Minol learning new skills and developing his confidence at swimming and diving under the water. It's also nice for me to take Estella for a little swim while Minol has his lesson. She loves it!