Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Mick cooking up a birthday storm. (Well he made us make our own gourmet pizzas, using the bases and toppings he prepared!)
Playing on the slide. Oh, being 25... what fun!



Thanks to you all who made my birthday special. The poems, the pics, the phone calls, the pressies (come on Bink and Pud... I've been checking the post...)! I felt very special to have my very own spot on your blogs! Chels, I love the pic of Darbs, Bethan and Hattie; (You're gorgeous girls, can't wait to hang out with you all!) It was kinda sad not having all my family around for it but you guys made it an awesome day! So THANK YOU!

Sunday, September 24, 2006


Ankz, Adz, Mwa & Joel-z (dunno what's with the z's!)

Where: Southbank
When: 17th September


Puuuuurdy in Pink. My new gloves were a hit with the guys.
Spanks Toys
Spank& Tyrone

Pud @ Gelati Shop

More About Brissy

It's always depressing leaving Brisbane. I left 28 degrees of beautiful sunshine, back to hobart. 14 degrees, cloudy and rainy. But apart from the lovely weather (which actually wasn't so lovely the first week I was there), I really love spending time with my family and I hate saying goodbye to them. It was so great to wake up in the morning, get up and be greeted with Scarlett's big happy face!
One of the highlights of my holiday was wednesday (20th) which was one full-on action packed day. It started off with an 8am session at the temple which required me getting up at 6am (OOOOH MY! COME ON I'M ON HOLIDAYS)to catch a 7am bus. Which was really cute, Pud walked me down to the bus stop and then chased the bus and waved it down so I wouldn't miss it. Then off to Anks gym to do some no gi training, then to the beach to try out some skimboarding and played some soccer, then back to Anker's for a yummy curry (courtesy of Alistair), then to institute (for Julia and Anker's sake) and then to finish a goer of a day we had dessert (the yummiest gelati eva) and then... oh. That's all. Went home and went to bed. So yes Chels, I did actually get up to some stuff while on holidays!

beach soccer

the three sistaz

alistair cooks a nummy curry

mE and My ScarLett

(I love the way she sits in her chair and kicks her little legs around)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Brissy Pics

Miss Fionie Bashford & Miss Estie Pestie outside the Brissy Temple. Great start to the day!

Scarlett has a fascination with tongues!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Pud's Day

Pud'S 23!
Tried out one of those tin scrapbook things for Pud! They're so cute. Anyways, yup, I made it to Brissy. More news later...

Tuesday, September 05, 2006


my PriZe

Hehe. These are the sunnies I won at Collettie's little dinner party. But whoaaaah haaaaaaaaaahaaa haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar... we rigged the pass the parcel so I would win. It was one of those do what is on the card ones. And the last card said 'give this to the girl wearing jeans and tan shoes.' Oh whadda ya know. That was ME! I've been using them at school for 'STAR of the day' to wear. How funky is your chicken...

Sunday, September 03, 2006


Cool bonds beanie hey. 4 bucks at harris scarf. Love tha sales. Went back up to Launnie on saturday for Collette's Spring Dinner! Good food, great company. It was good to catch up with all the young adults and Nettie and Kelv! Ooooh, I will have to get a pic of my new sunnies...hehe. I won them in pass the parcel. Got back to hobart today to spend the afternoon with DADDY! Check out the picture I drew for dad. I would have almost been 7. I love the little tennis shorts! And WhooHOOOOOO, only 1 week to go and Brisbane here I come!!


Look Pud... my Mildred is getting bigger! And has pretty flowers! Yours has one. Not as pretty. One day though!