Sunday, February 28, 2010

Melting Moment

This moment just made my heart melt! Minol was sitting over on his batman seat. I put Estella on the shark bean bag and asked him to "watch" Estella while I went to the loo. I came back to this! I swear I wasn't long! Minol had fallen asleep next to Estella while she was sucking away on his fingers. So cute.


Friday, February 26, 2010

Monday, February 08, 2010

Doom Island

"Let's go on a family drive!"

"YES, lets..."

We agreed that while all the family were down that it would be nice to go on a family drive. So somehow it was decided that we would go to Brunie Island to spend the day and for Pud to have a go at surfing! La de daaaaaa, how fun crossing over on the ferry...

How fun looking at the nice sights...

How fun posing for the camera...

But then... driving, driving, driving to find some waves...
We get to Cloudy Bay to find...
Nick was hopeful and thought the storm would pass...
But WRONG! It hit and Minol went surfing anyway. Poor Pud got her wetsuit on, took the board out but didn't get to the water! I stayed in the car the whole time (I got a baby to look after!) Everyone else went to find somewhere to eat lunch but ended up back in the cars soon after when the rain started!
It was about this time when Anker renamed Brunie Island to Doom Island as we sat in the car waiting for the rain to ease and Minol to return from his crazy surf. We were joking about being stuck on the island like in the horror movies!
But alas, the storm cleared up a bit and we carried on, looking for somewhere to have our picnic lunch. We found a nice camping ground which led to a nice beach where the kids could explore. And pretty much that was our day. Happy Australia Day.


Estella was blessed on Sunday 24th of January which was very special as we had all the family down from Brisbane! Grandpa Fuglsang performed her blessing with the three Uncles... Uncle Ankie, Uncle Mick and Uncle Nick along with Bishop Docking. We also had extended family and lovely friends to enjoy the day with! Bink and Mum did a super job preparing afternoon tea and Chels took some pics to remember the day!