Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Collettie and Jess came to visit on the weekend so I had to make sure I got a pic with them! They were both looking very glam for church...dressed to impress maybe...anyone worth impressing ladies?

into the sink we go

After poopseying in the bath we decided to just chuck Minol in the sink to finish washing him. He LOVES having baths and kicks his little legs, pushing off the side but I'm not too sure what he made of having to squish into the sink!

baby minol's first training

On Saturday we took Minol to training to get a taste. There's no doubt about it, he's going to be a little BJJ boy. There's no escaping it. I'm really enjoying being able to train again, only I'm soooooo unfit! Can't wait to get my fitness back... in my mind I can do all the things I used to easily but in reality 5 minutes into training and I'm POOPED!

The Bike

After looking looking looking for yonks it seems, Minol got himself a motorbike. Which is cool 'cos I get more use of the car now! And even cooler 'cos he takes me for rides. I love it. Minol took me for a ride down to Kingston the other day. I enjoyed the fresh air...I could smell it as we went up the southern outlet. Very cool!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Crazy Ducks

We had lunch down at the park today and Minol couldn't help himself... he had to go feed the ducks. These ones we found to be very BOLD and came right up and took chippies straight from Minol's hand. They even followed him onto the little jetty. Crazy ducks!

too much to drink...

like father, like son

My two sleeping babies...what can I say!

the LOOK

Friday, April 18, 2008

It was so bizarre going into see Chelsea and her new little baby today.  Baby Minol, Mum and I went in this afternoon to see the cute little overcooked girlie!  Chels certainly didn't look like she'd just given birth!  It was weird comparing my almost three week old to a new born!   I should have taken pics!  Minol's really starting to fill out- it figures with him being such a greedy little piggy when it comes to feed time.  Aaaaah, it's so wonderful to be a mummy.  (I wouldn't have said that last night when Minol had a big fuss and all I wanted to do was SLEEP!!)  Good times!

Monday, April 14, 2008

cute little tee

STOP THE WAILING! This is my little man modelling his cute tee. He has the model pose down pat. Hehe, little Greenie!

Tummy Time with Pud

No more Puddy. She went back to Bris on Thursday. Lucky we got some pics to remember snuggles and tummy time. It was fun with Pud here. She is such a dag! We went to get some chick flicks from the video store and she grabbed the cases that are supposed to stay on the shelf and the guy had to go swap them all for us. Then we moved onto the supermarket for treats. Approaching the checkout guy Julia says; "Hi, how are ya going?" And he was like, good and you? Julia replies; "AWESOME, but not awesome!" I just think it's great that Pud gets in first with the hi how are you! She CRACKS ME UP! Hehe. I miss Pud!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

For Bink

Hope these pics are ok Bink! You should be all Minoled out after all these posts! Enjoy your little Nephew!

Styln wid Grandma and Vovo

Here Baby Minol is styling his yellow outfit sent from
Brazil by his Vovo (Brazilian Grandma) and hair styled by Gaga (Grandma Fuglsang).

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Spunky Monkey

Yay... Aunty Puddy has arrived! She's down for a few days. We're loving having her here!

Daddy Bath Time


Long Little Toes

I am loved

We've had some lovely visits this week. Chels and the Girls, Collettie and Jess and Fionie! Baby Minol loves cuddles. And loves sleeping.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Minol Sebastian

Ok, I had a good night last night.  I actually got some sleep!  So I thought I'd better write a little bit about the exciting news!  Minol Sebastian Tavares Tutida arrived on Saturday the 29th of March (joining all the March birthdays in my family) at 12.30pm.  So no April Fool's boy!  I was so sure he was going to come late rather than early but suprise suprise... got a shock Friday night when my water's broke out of the blue!  Anyway, a healthy 8 pound 3 ounces, lots of hair, daddy's eyes and a cute little cleft lip!  He'll have that fixed at about 3 months but it's cute and makes him look like a little rabbit.  So hey hey little Mini Minol!  Already he is so much like his dad!  We thought we'd start a tradition in our family as Minol's father who is in Brazil is Minol too so baby Minol is the 3rd, and in the Fuglsang family we have 4 generations of Anker's (great grandfather, grandfather, dad and brother) thus Minol Junior.  It still feels so surreal that this little man is ours.  SO EXCITING!!  Love him to pieces!