Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Home Sweet Home

These pics are for you Bink!
This is the house that mum and dad are 'doing up' with help from everyone. I am currently no. 1 sander and assistant painter. But these pics aren't quite up to date. I've been too lazy to take more but I promise Binky that I will take more soon so you can see the development. Notice the toilet walls? That's what the rest of the walls kinda looked like before. So you can see all the hard work... cleaning, sanding, painting etc. etc. that has gone into it so far! Can't wait for the new kitchen, bathroom and toilet to be put in! SOOOO GROSSSSSS!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Chook, Dogs and a Cat





Attempt number 2. This time we (Dad, Mum, Mic, Minol and I) headed down to Uncle John and Aunty D's shack at 5.30am, YES- in the MORNING! The sunrise made it worth it! We picked a good time this time to go fishing as the sun wasn't too strong, the weather was just nice so we were able to take the boat out. A few seconds with my line in the water and bitey bite bite went the fishies. Ok, so the truth is I caught the most fish but it took me a while to get going. I kept catching little ones that were under size so I had to throw them back. At least I got proof here that I did catch some good sized ones! It was a great day, non stop. We could have been all day. Minol was a happy boy being out on the boat! Lunch was yummo, we cooked up some fresh flatty! Mmmmn!

See... how's this for a good size! (Dad got the camera strap in the way)

There we go, no camera strap!

Minol's wittle fishy.

Dad looking very little boyish with his long denim shorts and bucket hat.

The Legend Uncle John who has had so much experience cleaning fish he can do it with his eyes closed.
The Mic-sta

Mmmmn, flathead! I loved the wooden mallet to knock the fish out!
Our little stop at a secluded beach.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Girls With Guns

On Thursday Chels bought the girls over for a swim in the pool. It was an absolutely beautiful day for it. After a refreshing dip, Chels went to an apointment which left the girls and I time for dressing up, a bit of Sponge Bob, a board game and Bethan's beautiful scrapbooking! The girls went a little gun crazy though, finding the plastic guns which make a shooting sound when you pull the trigger. Darbs dressed up as you can see-a cowgirl. Bethan was an apple girl (I think) and Hattie was just happy to play with big bear and little bear.

Check out their seriously mean "I'm gonna shoot you" faces! I lost count of how many times I got shot.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Down tha Shack

Just before new years we went down to my Uncle John and Aunty D's shack which is past Eagle Hawk Neck. Soooo pretty down there. The weather was too windy to take the boat out fishing so we wandered around this place (I forgot what it's called).

What tha...

We didn't believe Michael until we saw it for ourselves. How big is this burger!! This is from The Godfather. I had to help Minol finish off this one!


I got this idea from Bianca (who got it from Julia) while I was in Brisbane. It's a cool way to show off all your pretty earings that you don't wear all the time! You just cover a canvas in material and hang your earings on it. And then put it on your wall. Easy Peasy.

Sunday, January 06, 2008


Meet Pablo. Minol's pet for two days. He was a good pet. Fun to play with. Quiet. Didn't eat much. Didn't eat at all actually. I don't think he liked the ant Minol gave him to eat. Now he's back in his home environment running free. We miss you Pablo.

Oh Beautiful World

I just love the world! Here's three cool pics.
1. In the plane on the way back from Brisbane. I love these clouds. It's like a cloud city or cloud hills or cloud I don't know what but it's cool.

2. Sun setting at Midway Point (no luck fishing there this time but worth the view).

3. Second fishing spot. No fish but once again gorgeous view. The moon was huge as it was coming up. (Need a better camera for cool night shots).

Christmas '07

How slack am I. Finally putting some Christmas pictures up! I loved reading everyone else's Christmas blogs, it's great seeing how everyone spends their Christmas. This year was much quieter with the Brisbane Crew not able to come down this time (they all came down for the wedding!). But we had a nice Christmas Eve dinner with some freinds and missionaries and lovely Christmas Day with the rellies. We had a play of mum's badminton. And the crazy cousins went SWIMMING in the FREEZING pool. And I have to say how cute mum and dad looked in their elf hats. Cuuuuuuuuuuute! They are such dorks. Yes, I get my dorkiness off them.