Monday, December 21, 2009

Sunday, December 06, 2009

this one photo...

Ok, so I discovered this ONE photo of Binky from our trip, taken on the phone so not a great one, but nevertheless it is indeedy a snap of the skinny Binky!! (Like I said, not a great photo). So looking forward to some Birthday pics from ya Bink! Seeing as Bink has just had a birthday I must say LOVE YOU BINK!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Fun in Queensland

We had a lovely week in Queensland, shame to come home to all the rain and COLDNESS! It was great to spend time with the family and also to have a couple of days on the Gold Coast. Minol had fun playing/competing with Ollie! Big Minol had fun trying out his new surfboard. And I had fun hanging with my gorgeous sisters and bro (and bro in-law who found some great knots in my back, thanks Nick!!!)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Undie boy

One little boy is very good at copying. He really wanted to wear a pair of daddy's undies but unfortunately they didn't QUITE fit! So Minol bought him some little boy undies which he was happy to pose in (and wear over the top of his nappy of course)!


I can't remember if it was blooming or blossoming, it was one of the two... Anyway, someone commented that I was "blooming" which makes me chuckle to myself. It makes me feel like a flower and not a big heffa which is SO how I feel right now. Slower to do everything, big belly always in the way, SO tired! I guess it does make a good head rest for little Minol. Is 2 and a bit months to go too early to start the count down?!

Ok, so I've got months of catching up to do... I'm sure one day I'll get round to doing it but for now I'll start with a few pics. Firstly my sweet boy picking me weeds (he went on to picking leaves, lucky me)!

Then here is the little poser. I'll have to put up more of his "posing" photos. As soon as the camera is out he puts on his charming smile (as you can see in the next pics).

Because I did some work during the last week of October I wasn't able to make it to the playgroup halloween party which was such a bum for me. I LOVE halloween parties! So I hooked Minol up with Grandma to take him along. I would have dressed him up as Batman (as you can see on the tv in the background), he has been though a bit of a "phase" and every morning for about a month he would wake up and want to play batman. "MA-MAN, MA-MAN" is all I would hear, nevertheless we decided for the quick and easy alternative of a cowboy. I heard great reviews about the party which made me even more bummed that I missed it!

Monday, October 26, 2009

New GI

Now look who's ready for training! We cut up one of Minol's old gi's and good ol' Ma put together this little number! THANKS MUM!! He is getting very good at his training... his jumping, push ups, sit ups... PUNCHING!! Oh, and how cute, he was talking to his Brazilian Grandma on skype and saying goodbye... this is him giving Vovo a hug! Classic!

Monday, September 07, 2009

can't get enough of animals

So making most of a nice day, we took Minol back to ZOODOO to see the animals again. We went with Bink, Scarlett and Ollie back in April and Minol loved it. He just loves animals and makes the noises of most of them. It was nice to have mum with us. She became the grandma taxi, with Minol always wanting her to pick him up and carry him around. It's cool how people friendly all the animals are there with most of them roaming around the place. It was a fun fun day for everyone! I didn't like how stinky the camels were though!


Now I can start looking for GIRL names and get excited about all the cute GIRLIE clothes.

These are Minol's tomato sauce kissy lips. LOVE EM!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

bits and pieces

My blog should be called Minol Adventures because he features in all my posts! That's the life of a mother I guess! Oh, I do have some pics to upload from one awesome Friday night... thanks to Simone and Collette!! I'll save the details! So for now it's just more of the little man.

CLEAN BEAR- Minol just had to take his new bear with him to have a bath. He did an awesome job washing him... look how clean the bear is!



LICKING HIS PLATE- something his father taught him!

Monday, June 08, 2009


No wonder I have a cRazY son. His father is cRazY.

Curious Cupboards

Always looking looking looking in cupboards. Always pulling pulling pulling things out.

Civilized Little Eater

My baby is no longer a baby when he discards his plastic cutlery and starts eating with big people knives and forks.