Friday, March 28, 2008

Minol's new toy

Today Minol bought a funnel. Who would have thought that he could have so much fun with it. He loved using it to talk to baby Gonz. Yep, that's my crazy husband.

Bagle Hunt

Wednesday Collette, Minol and I were at Salamanca. (Minol was buying smoked salmon to make a yummy salmon sandwich. I was so jealous. No smoked salmon for me yet). Anyways, Minol bought some bread and I noticed they sold BAGLES! Just plain ones though. Then Collette mentioned how she remembers driving past the bagle shop in North Hobart where we had a yummy farmyard bagle once. Bianca actually took me there years and years ago for my first farmyard bagle experience and I loved it! So... as it was lunchtime, we decided that we NEEDED to find the shop and get ourselves a bagle for lunch. Cos seriously, by this stage I was CRAVING a bagle. Anyway, after driving up and down north hobart and not being able to find the shop cos I think it's changed now BOO HOO we settled for a salad roll at another bakery. Pooey! So then Thursday lunchtime Collette and I decided to go on a bagle hunt for we would make our own farmyard bagle! (Turkey, cranberry sauce, cream cheese and lettuce). And we were so happy to find that just in Glenorchy at Northgate we found our BAGLES! They sell them at Gloria Jeans!! So blah blah blah as the story goes we got some stuff, went home, made the yummiest bagles EVA and had chocolate ice cream with crushed up discounted easter chockies for dessert! YUMMY YUM YUM!

Ta da!

Oooh, my mouth is watering.

Check out the Chocolate!

Three little Piggies...hehe!


Last Saturday instead of having a normal training day, Minol decided to have a mini no gi (kimono) comp. As you can see, instead of wearing a gi, you wear a rashie and shorts. It was good for the beginners to get a bit of experience actually competing- it's such a different thing when you're actually competing rather than just training. Your body tenses up a lot more which changes the way you wrestle. (It sucks so much for me only watching, I can't wait to get back into it!) Anyway, they divided into two teams (thus the tough looking team photo with Minol in front). And then the fighting began!

Lining up as Minol has a few words after the comp.

Group Photo

Minol's team photo

Second:Gunta (real name Reinhard), First: Phil, Equal Third: Matt & Sasha

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Quilty Quilt Quilt...

is FINISHED! Here's some pics for ya Bink. Just a simple cute cot quilt. It's cool cos mum and I made it together! First we experimented with machine quilting it but we weren't happy and decided to do it by hand which was fun and is way more meaningful. Can't wait to make one all by myselfie! Although Bink, mum and I want to make a quilt with you and Pud next time we're all together (like they used to back in the day)!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Private People

Ok all you gone "private" people... I got two words for you!  ADD ME.  If you read this or have ever left a comment on my blog then it's more than likely I like to check out your blog too!  
Luverly luvery thanks very much!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hello Jacob Daniel


Had a trip into the hospital today with Rachel, Toby and Susan (Rachel's Mum) to visit Bec and her new bubba (Jacob). I tell you what though, it was a real eye opener for me, thinking that it's gonna be ME with a new little bub in about 2 weeks! It's kinda scary but very exciting too. Little Jacob is gorgeous. You really forget how little new borns are. He was great, just slept through our loud girlie chatting and loved getting cuddles from everyone. Clucky clucky!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Fatty Foto Shoot

Last week I went round to Chels' for a preggas photo shoot. Twas great fun! These are Chelsie's favourites that she sent me! THANKS CHELS! Looking at these pics I can't believe how BIG my belly is! Three weeks to go, whoohoo!

Sunday, March 02, 2008

DONUTSMinol, Az and Phil getting stuck into the donuts.

Whoohoooo! If you thought your fondu post was for me Collette, then this one's definitely for you!! We were hanging out at Glenorchy Central shopping centre as any good bogans do. This was around 6ish I guess. And whadda ya know, as we were passing Donut King Phil and Minol noticed a big bag of donuts sitting outside the closed shop. Looking around and getting a nod from one of the shopping centre workers Phil grabs the bag very very excitedly and we end up sitting in the car drinking milk and eating donuts.


The Bedrooms
I just have to point out that the green paint you see in bedroom 2 cost us $4 from the tip shop. Hehe. Mum and I actually made it up from 4 sample pots. We weren't quite sure how it would turn out but for 4 bucks we were willing to have a go.
Other stuff
It's getting there. To begin with mum and dad thought they'd have the house finished by the end of January (this was before they realised how bad the tennants had left it), and then it became the end of February... well now we're praying for it to be ready for the end of March. No later than that cos I wanna move in and set up the nursery BEFORE the new edition arrives!