Sunday, July 17, 2011

the bird

After church today we drove straight over to Mum and Dad's house to get chocolate.  Dad had his 60th birthday on Saturday.  Friday night we celebrated and Dad got a LOT of chocolate.  Anyway, we got there and over in the corner of the room Dad pointed out to us a box with a towel covering it.  He told us to slowly look under the towel.  Inside the box was a beautiful green bird (a rosella I think), with bits of blue in its wings and red above its beak.  Anyway, mum and dad thought that it had broken its back after flying into the window, it had left blood on the ground too.  Little Minol said a prayer for it.  Mum and Dad said they had to wait til 5pm when the vet opened to take it in.  At about quarter to 5 we were about to have our dinner at home.  I asked Minol to say blessing on the food and he started the prayer with "please bless the bird..." and went on a bit, finally blessing the food at the end.  Just as we were about to eat, the phone rang.  Mum let us know that the bird had recovered and had jumped out of the box so they had let it outside where it flew off.  What a wonderful opportunity to teach a 3 year old about prayer.  For him to know that Heavenly Father had listened to his sweet prayers is something pretty special.  I love it how Minol can now say prayers by himself.  He blesses the food all by himself and family prayers we discuss things to pray about first but then he says it all himself.  So SWEET!  Melts my heart!

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

home again home again jiggity jig...

Aaaaaaah, home SWEET home!  It's just wonderful to be home.  It was quite an adventure getting here but we finally arrived on Friday the 24th of June.  It took us an extra week.  With all the excitement of the volcano we were concerned our flight home would be cancelled but after calling the airlines they told us the flight from Rio to Buenos Aires was still going.  BUT then when we arrived in Argentina we were told that the flight to Australia had been cancelled!  So we were put up in a nice hotel, where we spend 5 nights.  We spent our time eating, having baths (Estella & Minol), and watching tv.  Whoohoo.  Here's a few pics of our time in Argentina.  We then were able to fly from Argentina, going the long way stopping to refuel in Thailand, then on to Brisbane (instead of Sydney as planned).  Then to Sydney where we spent 2 nights and had a bit of fun taking the kids to the wildlife park and aquarium. And FINALLY we had the green light to Hobart!  Aaaaaah, what a week!  Funny how it's been almost 2 weeks back and it feels as if we never left!  So much to blog about though, so many photos... where to begin????  Will think it over and might find some time to record a few happenings.