Sunday, September 28, 2008


Last week our new juicer arrived so we (MINOL) have gone juice mad.  We (MINOL) have been making the yummiest freshest juices.  Today (shoving Minol out of the kitchen) I made an apple, strawberry and kiwi fruit one.  From citrus fruits, to beets and carrots... ooooh what's next!  I'd like to find out some good combinations!

My pumpkin eater

Tomorrow this little man will be 6 months old.  FOOD here we come.  On Friday he tried some sweet potato and then on Friday night over at mum and dad's Grandma fed him some pumpkin.  And again on Saturday we fed him some potato.  AND I have to add... last night was the second night he SLEPT THROUGH!!  Not one peep from him through the night!  My boobs were the hugest they have ever been when I woke up at 5.30 am and had to go express!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Birthday at Richmond

Hip hip hooray for another year older!  Lucky for me it was a gorgeous (only a little windy) day so the Minol's and I along with Mum went to Richmond for lunch and yummy cake.  (Oooh I shoulda got a pic of the cakes... so rich and yum!)  We had a little look at the ducks at the bridge and felt like we stepped into a nature show when one of the male ducks jumped on the back of a female duck in the water and looked as if it was trying to drown it... Baby Minol, this is how baby ducks are made.  

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Date Night

On Friday night Minol took me out on a date!  I'd been looking forward to the school holidays because I was going to get mum to look after the little boy so Minol and I could have our date.  It finally happened!  Ooooh it was so nice!  We picked up a yummy pizza and Minol took me up the mountain where he first told me he liked me!  He played with the snow, filled up a drink bottle of delicious mountain water, filled up the PIZZA BOX with snow (which I had to make sure didn't fall on the floor of the car on the way back down), caught a couple of possums in the rubbish bin, headed to hobart for dessert but decided to get some goodies from the supermarket cos there was no way Minol was going to pay $7.50 for a piece of cake, then headed home to relieve mum!  It was so nice and something we decided we need to do more regularly!  

hair cut #2

Minol's first hair cut was at 2 months.  Now at 5 1/2 months he was definitely due for another one!  It always takes a bit of convincing daddy Minol though!  Lucky grandma did such a good job although we had to catch him when he was having a feed cos he moves around so much!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Guitar Hero

After weeks and weeks or was it months and months?  Anyways, I finally gave in and agreed to get Minol an early birthday slash anniversary slash christmas present- a playstation 3-but on the condition that we get guitar hero because I'm not into those shooting games where you have to go round killing people.  I wanted to be able to use it too!  So since then the battle to get to number 1 has been on!  When Collette came down she showed us up by playing MEDIUM.  We have been sticking to EASY!

and a little bit of tennis

It was awesome to have a little bash of tennis after not playing for a couple of years!  That's seriously how long I haven't played tennis for!  Even though I sucked and it was FREEZING, it was great fun and what's more important is Collette and I got to take a tennis photo!  Yippiee yippee yay yay.


I was going to have my eyelashes tinted but then I remembered doing them myself once with Bink so I thought I'd give it a go again... this time with Collettie!  She was the guineapig!  When I'd finished hers and she'd gone home I worked out how to do it better but hey, it was fun.  I miss doing girlie things!  


Well don't I feel secure with these two around!  Minol works doing security and a girl he works with bought this t-shirt for Minol Jr.  Watch out, this little boy means business.  Haha, yeah right... just look at him with that big smile.  Spunky little man!

Friday, September 19, 2008

my baby is crawling

Yesterday Baby Minol woke up and decided that he'd start crawling.  Totally out of the blue.  The remote controls were his motivation.  Why is it that kids always want what you're holding rather than their own toys?!  At this moment Minol is playing happily on the floor with a chip packet (he is surrounded by his own toys).  Ooooh, he is so cute crawling... he entertains himself for longer now that he can explore on his own but I know I'll have to be on the ball now!   

Monday, September 08, 2008


What an absolutely glorious day we had on Saturday.  Mum came over and we washed the car and did some gardening.  Minol was as always a big help... EATING everything.  It was just so nice getting outside to enjoy the sun!  

Sunday, September 07, 2008


We had a lovely little visit with Grandpa today to wish him a HAPPY (grand)FATHERS DAY! 

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Friday, September 05, 2008


It's so tiring having a little boy who WANTS everything.  GRAB GRAB GRAB and straight to the mouth.  And sooky la la when he can't have it!  Nah, really, it's actually wonderful seeing my little boy grow and develop and CHANGE so much.  He makes Minol and I laugh so much.  He was so giggly tonight, especially when his clothes come off ready for his bath.  He only has to look at me and give me a big squeal and it starts.  He goes crazy when he's tickled!  Being a mother is just so exciting.