Monday, September 19, 2011

Loving the Bunny

Most days are tiring and a lot of the time I feel anxious and stressed and sometimes a little depressed with having to care for Estella.  She has been wonderful and is coping very well but she has been very clingy and demanding both physically and emotionally.  She likes being constantly entertained and held a lot.  Lately she has begun crawling around on the floor which entertains her for longer periods.   The weather hasn't been wonderful lately so we haven't been out much.  But last week was the best day.  We went to meet the new resident at the Docking household and we LOVED her!  Probably not quite as much as Levi loves his little wabbit but we were certainly impressed!  It was cute when Estella was checking out the rabbit with Livy, you can see in the photos as Livy got close to Estella, Estella put her arm around Livy and gave her a big hug.  Estella even had a little ride on the bike AND a jump on the trampoline.  Minol hasn't had much experience on tramps so for a while he was ordering everyone off or to sit down so he could jump by himself!  He got the hang of it in the end.  Levi is a little gun on the trampoline!!  Anyway, it was a very refreshing day (thank you soooo much Nikki, Liv and Levi AND Bunny), we really had a wonderful time!

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Ok, where to begin.  Life has been full on crazy of late.  But things are good.  I realised that I must write things down more ofter otherwise they will be forgotten!  Lets start with a funny moment today.  Last night Minol stayed over at Grandma and Grandpa's and had an absolute ball.  (He slept over at their place the weekend Estella went in for surgery and didn't want to come home so while Grandad is on holidays he had another little sleep over!)  Anyway, we picked him up this afternoon (Estella really wanted to take a turn and stay with Grandma but I'm not sure Grandma is ready for that one yet), and we dropped into the supermarket on the way home to grab a few things.  Minol asked if he could go in with Daddy while Mummy waited in the car with Estella but upon Daddy opening the car door ready for him to jump out Minol exclaimed "oowwwww, my body's so sore, I can't get out".  So I asked him if he wanted to stay in the car with me and Estella.  He said yeah and "I'm like Grandpa..."!!!  Hmmmn, old man Minol!  Dad DID play a few games of tennis last night and said he had been complaining today of a sore body so does have an excuse.  But funny non the less.  
He is such a little champ.  He has been such a great big brother to Estella and we often see him giving her hugs and kisses and offering to hold her hand in the car.  He is especially very caring and looks after her in Nursery.  Since Estella went into nursery he has been so good staying there without Grandpa.  I'm very excited to see him learning so much in nursery.  
I'm also very excited that for three days in a row he has done poops in the toilet.  For him to do poops three days in a row in itself is an achievement!!  For a long time he has been a 1 poo a week boy and no matter what the GP has to recommend nothing has helped.  I was sure it was more a psychological thing though and so Big Minol and I have been trying trying trying to work out how to help him poo more.  I wont go into details but all of a sudden things are falling into place thank goodness!  Go Minol! 
Estella Estella miss Bo Bella.  Mum found out that Dad has a Stella in his family history.  So that's nice that Estella kinda has a family name too!  So my little crazy angel is doing so well.  She has the snuffles this week so is a little clingy again but I'm so amazed at how quickly she has adapted to her cast.  In saying that though, the first two weeks have been so draining both emotionally and physically.  But I'm coping and Estella is happy and this week she has had 3 or 4 nights of sleeping through the night in a row.  Aaaaaah!  She is becoming more confident in her cast and was pulling herself around a bit on the floor today.  She is saying more words.  She does a little slurred I love you.  When grocery shopping the other day going down the biscuit aisle she pointed saying "Bik, bik..."  When she wakes up in the morning we hear her yell out Mamae, or Papai.  Strong YEA and NA.  "Bye bye" on the phone... which she loves talking on.  Her and Minol have fights over the phone sometimes.  It's lovely seeing her develop in different areas.  I know she's be running in no time once the cast is off and I'm actually enjoying not having to close doors and put things out of her reach all the time!  
We are very lucky at the moment too, it has been a huge help to me, Jacoba and Kaea have been coming over to occupy Estella (and Minol) which gives me some solid time to do things around the house.  They are such awesome girls and the kids just love them! (I love them!!)  So I figure that I just need to keep the next 7 or so weeks pretty busy to keep Estella occupied and we'll be fine.  Bring on some more nice weather though!  Need some outings!  
Anyway, that's life as I know it at the moment.  Whoohoo.