Saturday, October 27, 2007

Saturday, Sun and Strawberries

Last Saturday was such a beautiful sunny day. I went for a drive with ma and pa. And listened to my ipod in the back and enjoyed the beautiful warmth of the sun through the window! On our drive Dad bought some strawberry plants and so that afternoon Mum and I planted them in the veggie garden.
Listening to some tunes
Our first lettuce... made a yummy salad!
All planted... Strawberries

on top of the world

Actually, on top of Mt Wellington. Minol arrived on Wednesday. Yippee.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

busy, busy, busy

At the moment I have been keeping very BUSY!! Since I've been back in Tas I've been busy with my wedding planner (MUMSIE) preparing and organising stuff for the big day. (Not long to go now!) And on top of that I'm straight back into relief teaching! I've been out at New Norfolk Primary everyday since I had my police check renewed(except yesterday...I had to say no so I could get some wedding stuff done)! I've had a couple of days doing PE relief (and again tomorrow) which is great. I had fun playing 'Wizards and Gelflings' with the little tackers today. I just love the kids at New Norfolk! I'm so tired now though! Just had a nice bath and will spend the rest of the evening with my feet up!

Saturday, October 13, 2007


I just think clouds are amazing! I love these ones!

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

the beginning

I'm excited cos Bink passed onto me some digital scrap booking stuff and I really wanna get into it. I've started playing with things but need MORE to play with! So I'll be expecting Bink to give me some tutorials when she comes down at the end of the month! Whoohooo! And of course Chels... when you get back! Hehe.

Loser Playoffs

This is Fiona & Collette playing off for the loser LOSER position. Both having lost to me previously (YEAH, THE 8 BALL QUEEN) we had to see who was the biggest loser. And of course Collette had the brilliant idea that whoever lost had to go get sweets for us to nibble on for the big FOOTY GRAND FINAL! What a great idea, too bad Collette lost... WHOAAAHHAAAAHAAAAAARRRRRR (evil laugh).

Power OFF

So what do you do when it's the footy grand final day and you're not a big footy freak? Well... Collette, Fiona and I had our own party. YES, we did watch the footy!! But at three quarter time when (what's that team??) oh yeah, when Port Adelaide were absolutely kicking umm, Geelong...yeah, the cats hey...their butts... we went for a little outting. So Fiona was the 'get-away' driver, Mwa- the photographer, and oh poor Collette got to DO the dirty deed! Can't tell you what it was though. Go figure!

Oh, so nah, we just turned the power off while a few people were still watching the game. TWICE!! Lucky we didn't do it again cos we would have been dead. We already caused two goals to be missed. Oh the life!