Saturday, February 23, 2008

How good is Collette and Jess at posing! If you check out their blogs you will see they have it down pat! Lucky for me Collette and Jess came down last weekend and I was able to practice my posing with them. As you can see it takes a few shots to get it right.

the after shower

After the baby shower Minol put on a special barbeque courtesy of Collette and Jess who stayed for the weekend. Collette really wanted to try this famous Brazilian barbeque. And we were lucky to have Phil come over to make a yummy Greek salad to top it off. Yummy yum yumsie.

Bubba Shower

Last week I had a baby shower thanks to Elisa. It was fab! We played some cool games, ate some yummy food, enjoyed great company (and I opened lots of fantastic pressies)...YAY!

This is the champion sock folder (equal first with Chels). Collette was happy coming a draw and refused the fold off challenge. She had just been beaten by Hayden at tennis in the morning and I think she was scared of another loss. Is that right Collette?! Hehe.

Changing nappies and dressing babies in the dark? Seriously, is this what I've got to look forward to?

Relaxing after the games... and ready to open gifts.

Lucky I had some special helpers! Bethan and Darbs were just as excited as I was to open pressies!

Gotcha Hattie!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Belated Valentine Tag

Ok finally my butt is in gear. Thank you for tagging me Bink! If anyone wants to tag themselves and complete the crazy valentine tag questions then go for it!

You and your spouse: Essie & Minol

How long have you been together? Oh it seems like forever (hehe)

How long did you date? Maybe a coupla years (Minol was in Japan for about half the time)

How old is he? 26 (Me too, only I'm about a month older, whoohoo)

Who eats more? Definitely Minol.

Who said "I love you" first? Minol. I was stubborn and it took me a while to tell him that heck yeah I loved him too!

Who is taller? Minol

Who sings better? Me. But he wont let me sing when we're in the car. The car is HIS singing time and he reckons I spoil it. It's only 'cos he makes up the lyrics as he goes.

Who is smarter? Even though I get the blonde jokes I think we're the same smartness but in different ways! Minol has a go at me though because I'm a teacher and should know EVERYTHING. What a joke!

Who does the laundry? Mwa

Who does the dishes? Mostly mwa.

Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? I do.

Who pays the bills? Both.

Who mows the lawn? What lawn?

Who cooks dinner? Both. Minol is good at cooking so I pretend I can't cook (hehe). But if I'm not cooking I'm helping him cook. He always makes me do the rice! In Brazil and Japan they eat rice with everything so I'm constantly cooking rice!

Who is more stubborn? Mmmmn, Minol I guess.

Who kissed who first? (Ewwwe, kissing... gross...hehe!) He smooched me first.

Who asked who out? Minol was a man... he asked me out.

Who proposed? He did. He asked me a million times before I took him seriously. It wasn't until we went ring shopping that I was like "Ooooh, this is for real!!"

Who is more sensitive? I am NOT SENSITIVE! Nah, I guess I'm more senstitive, I am a "woman" after all! I think I would worry if Minol was more sensitive than I was.

Who has more friends? Heck. I dunno, never counted them. I reckon we're pretty even steven in the friend department.

Who has more siblings? I diddaly doodaly. 2 brothers, 2 sisters Vs Minol's 1 sister.

Friday, February 08, 2008

Da Girls

Rachel, Rebecca and I went through Primary School, High School and College together. It's so much fun when we get together for a good ol' catchup and socialize! On Thursday Rae, Toby and I (and poo) headed down to the Huon to visit Bec. Bec's due about two weeks before me, only this is her third while this is my first! It's great for me being able to pick her and Rachel's brains and find out about all of their child bearing/raising experiences! In fact, I've been finding out so much through books/mags and friends, when Minol and I went to a birth class tonight I was bored out of my brains because I've heard it all and much more already! Anyway, Bec's kids are funny. They have the best sense of humors.

Ben (4 year old): Mum?

Bec: What?

Ben: Nuffin (pause, then to Chloe who is in another room) Chloe?

Chloe: What?

Ben: Nuffin

Chloe (3 year old or close to it): Mum?

Bec: What Chloe?

Chloe: Nuffin

This continues with me joining in but mixing it up a bit.

Me: Ben?

Ben: What?

Me: You're crazy.

Then Chloe pipes in from the other room again: Ben?

Ben: What?

Chloe: You crazy.

Aaaah, it was just one of those funny kid moments!

Becky Bubbles & Essie Poo

Bubbles & Poo
This is Bubbles and Poo (pooh). They're our nicknames for our little bubs.

And then there were two.

Thank you Binky for the Simpsons Monopoly, Minol's christmas present! He loves it. Only because he WINS all the time! We played for family home evening on Monday night. Mum went bankrupt, then I was knocked out... and then there were two. Dad and Minol. The game went on and on and finally at about 1am we decided it was time for them to add up all their money and assets to see who was the richie richest. Yay for my husband...hehe.

What a humble winner. NOT. Mum, Minol and I finished another game today and Minol won AGAIN the poo bum. Even with mum and I ganging up on him!

Copy Monkey

You've heard of a copy cat right? Well I am not a copy CAT, rather I am a COPY MONKEY. This is what Minol tells me all the time whenever I do or say something the same as him!
Haha! Anyway, don't you think it's so funny seeing couples dressed in matching outfits? It's soooo dorky! But sooooo cute! After being a copy monkey and getting the same top as Minol we ended up both wearing our tops on the same day. (I did put mine on first so who's the copy monkey now!)

Monday, February 04, 2008

Brazilian Barbeque...

Mmmm mmmmmn! YUMMO! Like, TOTALLY YUMMO!

Minol finally decided it was time to have a barbeque BRAZILIAN style. He prepared the meat making it soooo tender and yummy. And he even made garlic bread (with mayonaise and other stuff). I made the salad (boring)! But seriously, I've never liked meat so much until I had Brazilian barbeque!

And oooooh, I ate so much my belly popped! Nah, seriously, this is my big fat baby belly. Me oh my!

Australia Day

Sounds like everyone spent Australia Day at the beach. Me too, me too! We were supposed to have training at the uni dojo but ofcourse it was closed so we took training to the beach. Minol had a surf, I had a swim (my first ever swim at the beach this summer, the water was actually quite warm!), then the guys did some beach wrestling. I spy with my little eye... a rainbow!!

The girls. It was a very multicultural Australia Day actually! We had one Malaysian, 2 gals from the Philipines, Sasha whose dad is Polish... and then there were the guys- a Brazilian, German, Greek and a couple of Russians. And another rainbow to end the day!