Monday, December 22, 2008

How boring not being able to post pics! Anyway, we finally made it up to see the famous Christ last week in between all the rain. Did I mention that it has been RAINING here? Just when you think it´s over it starts up again! So anyway, the view of Rio is amazing so I´m glad we made it up! Haven´t really been up to much more, just getting ready for Christmas. Anker comes to stay with us tomorrow whoohoo! After Christmas time will go so quickly and before I know it bye bye Brazil! Ok, going now, Merry Christmas to everyone and Happy New Year!!

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Just another post from Brazil

What a pooey week and a half... it has been raining non stop! Big flooding and mud slides further south of Brazil and where we are staying the roads are dirt so they´re all muddy. So much for working on my tan in the RAIN! We´ve been entertaining ourselves by hanging out at Minol´s Aunt´s house. His cousin has a dog that he´s training. Plus we like looking at their turtle. And the little monkey that comes to eat bananas on the roof. I´m just getting over a cold. Little Minol has a cold. And big Minol seems to be getting one. Minol and I have been told to make more babies so people here can buy them. Everyone thinks Minol is adorable. Grandma Luci just loves her Grandson and is enjoying having her own son home for a visit! Nothing much else to report. Wish I could post some pictures! On Sunday we went for a drive the the bottom of the Elephant rock. A beautiful spot at the end of the beach. Oh and before I finish this post... seeing as it is still the 3rd of December here... HAPPY BIRTHDAY BINKY! Haven´t forgotten you! Hope you got spoilt! LOVE YA!